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THE illustrated COMPENDIUM OF amazing ANIMAL FACTS //  by Maja Safstrom

There are one million ants for every human on the planet!  Are you as blown away by that as I am?!?  When I came across this book, I knew it would be a fast favorite in our household.  My oldest daughter (age 5),  loves the look of amazement on people’s faces when she tells them some fascinating fact about her favorite creatures.  We can often be found together on the couch flipping through he pages…”Read this one, Mom!” I read the caption and we both usually respond with, “WOW!” or “Cool!!” or some such expression of amazement.

About this book:

  • Beautiful hardcover
    • Those are a favorite of mamas with young ones!
  • Perfect size for little, curious hands to easily hold in their laps
    • Larger books can be burdensome to handle and don’t travel well in a backpack.
  • The illustrations are simple, black and white, and delightfully whimsical
    • The author has a beautiful feel for shape in her sketches
  • Each page features one animal and several surprising facts
  • There is a great mix of well-known animals such as lions, snakes, and kangaroos.
    • Then you come across a rather unusual animal such as the Tapir or a Swift (a nice surprise!)

This book would make a wonderful gift for any child.  It is an enjoyable read-aloud for pre-readers and a fabulous book for those independent readers who love learning new things!

My daughter made delightful connections as I read this book to her.  I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  It is a great addition to our home library.

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